In the construction sector, women make up roughly 10% of employees; this proportion is much lower for the roofing sector. However, those figures are increasing as a result of organizations supporting growth and education and businesses making an effort to hire more women as residential roofing repair contractors.

We commemorate International Women’s Day every year because it was created to help end discrimination against women worldwide. Women’s History Month occurs in March. We’re showcasing some of the women in our business who are leaving their mark and lifting the roof in remembrance of all the women who have fought and still struggle for gender equality throughout the world.

Women workers have evolved a more diversified and inclusive image of the building business in a once entirely male-dominated field. Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, two thriving March awareness efforts, highlight the exceptional talents and contributions of women all across the world. These endeavors have assisted in educating and changing the minds of those who are shackled by outdated systems of thought.

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to fight for change. Women in roofing are no different from the many courageous and trailblazing women … Read More

When American convicts are freed, they are met with a hostile environment that intentionally discourages them from contributing to society in a positive way. With more than 2 million people in prison in the United States, recidivism hurts both the families of inmates and society at large as taxpayers continue to fund a broken system that sets ex-offenders up to fail once they are released. Within three years of release, 67.8% of ex-offenders are rearrested, and within five years, 76.6 percent are.

Recidivism is described by the Congressional Research Service as “the re-arrest, reconviction, or re-incarceration of an ex-offender within a given time frame”. Once ex-offenders are freed from prison, it is more challenging for them than for the general population to find gainful employment, secure a reliable source of housing, and generally function in society. Ex-offenders are permanently penalized for their misdeeds and frequently seen as sub-citizens. These limitations have systemic origins that have an impact on ex-offenders at all societal levels.


Over half of incarcerated adults are parents of minor children, which means they may miss out on many of their children’s crucial and formative years. Unfortunately, there are barriers to maintaining consistent contact with family, and … Read More

When modifications in roof system design occurred, the conventional office setting was already evolving to accommodate the needs of both present and potential employees. Wide open rooms with abundant daylighting through broad windows are replacing the once common darkly lit, crowded, cubicle-filled workplace settings. With the help of wireless technology, the once-closed, stationary office setting may be transformed into mobile, collaborative areas where staff members are free to move around and complete tasks.

These modifications, which started to take place long before COVID-19, compelled firms to design workspaces that improved employees’ welfare. According to studies, employees are often more productive when they are in a comfortable setting. Utilizing outdoor spaces is one approach to build productive workplaces. This may involve using certain roof sections because roofs can serve as extra locations for employee gatherings.

In high-rise residential structures, entertainment venues, hotels, educational institutions, and other buildings, roof areas have long been transformed into livable spaces. Historically, plaza decks, gardens, and recreational spaces featuring swimming pools, tennis courts, and/or basketball courts have been frequently employed as roof spaces.

The roof spaces next to cafeteria/dining rooms, conference rooms, or meeting spaces can be used for outdoor meals, work breaks, or meeting locations … Read More

They claim that looking beautiful makes you feel good. Even if that might be true

occasionally, your lifestyle has the most influence on how you feel. Check out

these advice on women’s health and wellbeing to maintain your optimal level of

physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Focus on Healthy Diet

Diet is what you habitually eat and drink to fuel your body. Consider how you

might add items to your diet to better nourish your body and power your

everyday activities rather than focusing your efforts on limiting particular foods. A

balanced diet can include any food, but you should always give fruits, vegetables,

whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins first priority.


Regardless of how busy you are, sleep should always come first. Your body works

diligently while you sleep to maintain the health of your cells, replenish your

energy, and organize new information for optimum brain function.  

Engage in Happy Activities

Your body is what you rely on to go through life, and it’s remarkable what it’s capable of when you treat it well. Exercise shouldn’t be seen as a punishment; rather, treat it as a way to express gratitude to your body for everything it … Read More