The Women’s Wellness Foundation is a thriving, religiously oriented mission and ministry that assists women who are going through difficult times. For women who are reintegrating into the community following incarceration and who might also be struggling with addiction, we offer important mentoring, resource connections, and a clean and sober home, Dinami House. We also provide everyday necessities like clothing, feminine care products, toiletries, and other little goods. Any lady in need of our services is welcome to use them; there are no eligibility conditions.

We offer programs that help women become stronger on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. We offer accommodation, neighborhood-based services, and an outdoor adventure treatment program as part of our special environment for women. Historically, only those who could afford private, sober home facilities had access to this special blend of recovery housing and adventure treatment. WWF is fortunate to offer this kind of training to women undergoing reintegration for the first time ever. We want to provide women the tools and opportunity they need to deal with challenging circumstances so they may use what they’ve learned in our programs to overcome those obstacles. We provide women with a future to look forward to as well as useful resources to help them transition from incarceration to self-reliance.